CARE statement: House of Commons vote on Gaza ceasefire

21 February 2024


Helen McEachern, CEO of CARE International UK, said:

“I am dismayed by the political theatrics we are witnessing in the House of Commons. Arguments over parliamentary procedure do nothing to assist the people of Gaza. With nowhere to go, they live without dignity or safety, dying from bombs and disease in their thousands.

“Without an immediate sustained ceasefire, they will not receive the food, water and medical supplies needed to save lives and prevent further injuries. As our staff and partners in Gaza have told me during a visit to the West Bank this week, with each passing day, death, disease, and hunger increase. The numbers of orphans and widows grow. Can we wait while more women undergoing C-sections and children have limbs amputated without anaesthetic?

“The Foreign Secretary must do everything in his power to help stop the humanitarian catastrophe we are watching. The fighting must stop. The flow of aid must increase. All hostages must be released and all parties to the conflict must abide by international humanitarian law.”

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