CARE statement on International Court of Justice ruling to halt Rafah operation

24 May 2024


Dorothy Sang, Head of Advocacy and Policy, at CARE International UK, said:

“We welcome the International Court of Justice ruling ordering Israel to immediately halt its military operation in Rafah and open the Rafah crossing. The major escalation of Israeli military operations in Rafah and the north of Gaza has already had a devastating impact on civilians. While the population is starving, only a trickle of aid is entering Gaza with aid crossings closed or obstructed.

“Israel must immediately implement the Court’s previous orders, including ensuring the unhindered provision at scale of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance. A massive increase in humanitarian aid is now needed. The siege on Gaza must be lifted. All land crossing points must operate at full capacity and commercial operators encouraged and supported to resume their work. The screening of goods must be fast tracked and humanitarian workers must be able to move safely into, out of, and throughout Gaza.

“Israel must ensure civilians are protected during its military operations and they must have access to medical care, food and water. CARE calls on the UK Government and the international community, including the Security Council, to fulfil their role to ensure compliance with the ICJ’s ruling and uphold the consistent application of international law. We call again for the release of all hostages. An immediate and sustained ceasefire is the only way to prevent further suffering.”

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