CARE statement on the evacuation order in Gaza

06 May 2024


Madeleine McGivern, CARE international UK’s Humanitarian Advocacy Adviser, said:

“The UK Government must act urgently to prevent an expansion of military operations in Rafah, which would place 1.5 million men, women, and children sheltering in Rafah at unacceptable risk. Ministers cannot delay any longer before suspending licenses for arms sales to Israel. It would be unconscionable for British made weapons to be used in an assault on Rafah.

“A large-scale military offensive in Rafah presents a significant risk of serious harm to families and communities. There is simply nowhere safe to go in Gaza and international law is clear. Civilians in Rafah, already exhausted and starving, must be protected. This evacuation order must be rescinded, and the operation must be halted now. We need an immediate and sustained ceasefire, including the release of hostages, to prevent further suffering.”

This weekend, one mother told CARE:

"The situation is very difficult. We have just left our home here in Rafah. It is the fifth time we are displaced. The bombing doesn't stop anymore, not even for one second. Buildings, homes, everything is destroyed. I am so incredibly scared. It is impossible to hide this fear from my children, even the one who is only a few months old. Since this morning, the bombing and the sound of artillery have not stopped. Everyone is leaving their homes. You can see women and children everywhere, running around on the streets, not knowing where to go. Everyone has the fear of death in their eyes. We are all in shock, yet have to focus so we know what to do so we can survive."

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