"COP28 has rolled out the red carpet for fossil fuel lobbyists"

Fossil fuels

05 December 2023


A record number of fossil fuel lobbyists have been granted access to climate negotiations at COP 28, according to analysis in The Guardian. Global Policy Lead at CARE Climate Justice Centre, Sven Harmeling, highlighted how this unprecedented participation can hinder the urgent phase out of fossil fuels - essential to halt global warming:

"COP28 has rolled out the red carpet for fossil fuel lobbyists, while women and girls facing the worst impacts of climate change are being sidelined. The number of fossil fuel lobbyists has almost quadrupled since last year, while initial data shows the number of women negotiators has increased by just 1% and remains well below parity at 38%.

"To prevent the climate crisis escalating beyond control, CARE is calling for a rapid, just and equitable global phase-out of fossil fuels. A fit for purpose conflict of interest policy to prevent fossil fuel lobbyists sponsoring activities at COPs is also urgently needed. Lobbyists representing an industry causing catastrophic damage to our planet and people should not have access to negotiating rooms."

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