Gaza: CARE condemns bombing of civilians and calls on all parties to protect civilians

CARE International UK

07 August 2022


CARE International strongly condemns the recent upsurge in violence in Gaza and the violations of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law by all parties to the conflict, as evidenced by recent reports of the bombing of civilian population, where the number of lost lives continues to increase, including those of women and children. CARE strongly calls on all parties to the conflict to fulfil their obligations to protect civilians. Attacks on civilians or civilian infrastructure, whether intended or not, are an unacceptable breach of International Humanitarian Law.   

“Nearly half of Gaza’s population are children. They have never known life without blockade and conflicts. Our team there spent last night not knowing where to put their children to sleep because there are no basements to hide in. This must stop,“ says Wael Ibrahim, CARE Country Director in Palestine West Bank and Gaza.

Since last Tuesday, the only power station serving Gaza has gone without fuel delivery due to the closure of the crossings.

“People in Gaza are already suffering from the lack of electricity. The power plant stopped working because of fuel shortage. This will exacerbate the humanitarian situation further.“ 

CARE calls for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and the lifting of the 15-year-old blockade imposed on the 2 million people living in Gaza. Civilians and civilian infrastructure should never be targets.