It's time for the impunity, and the violence, to end: UNSC vote on El Fasher, Sudan

14 June 2024


The United Nations Security Council has voted for an immediate halt to the fighting and siege of El Fasher, North Darfur State.

Abdirahman Ali, CARE Sudan Country Director, said:

"The UN Security Council vote finally offers a glimmer of hope for the people of Sudan. For more than a year, the country has been choked by a conflict that has been likened to a war on women and girls. This demand for an end to the conflict must be immediately met by those perpetuating the violence. Levels of suffering for the Sudanese people are unimaginable – millions of people are starving, and millions more have been forced to flee their homes in fear. Civilians must be protected and allowed to move freely. Sexual violence must cease immediately, and humanitarian aid and aid workers must be granted direct, safe, and unfettered access to all people in need wherever they are in Sudan.

"We also call on the international community to move with speed to fully fund the humanitarian response – this is now a life-and-death necessity for the 5 million Sudanese men, women, and children who are facing famine. One of the most effective ways to reach those most at risk, like women and girls, is to enable local women-led organizations to scale up their work and integrate them into all sectors of the response. Too many lives hang in the balance. It’s time for the impunity, and the violence, to end."

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