Second CARE Türkiye staff member confirmed dead in Northwest Syria

09 February 2023


Gaziantep, Feb 8, 2023

CARE is deeply saddened to learn that a second member of our staff has passed away in the wake of the recent earthquakes. Yesterday, CARE’s Northwest Field Consultant in Northwest Syria - Mohammad Ismail Mohammed – was found deceased along with his wife.

This tragic news comes on the heels of the death of Anas Sweid, a member of CARE’s operations team, along with his wife and daughter, who were confirmed deceased after the collapse of their building in the city of Hatay.

Like all our field consultants, Mohamed was a CARE hero, working to support Syrians under extreme conditions of war, displacement, daily security threats, and an ongoing humanitarian catastrophe – one of the most difficult environments a humanitarian can work in. But Mohammed did so selflessly – dedicating his life to the well-being of the people he served. His memory, legacy, and the impact he has had on their lives, and ours, will not be forgotten.

Once again, our thoughts and solidarity go out to the thousands of families impacted by this disaster and to our staff who are providing humanitarian relief under difficult conditions and against the backdrop of the loss of two dear colleagues. However, CARE remains committed to honoring both Mohamed and Anas’ memories through an unwavering dedication to helping the same people both men dedicated, and ultimately lost their lives, to helping.

Again, CARE is working with the families of both Anas and Mohamed to explore how best to support them and ask that the families’ privacy is respected and that you direct any questions you may have to David Moore, Media Officer at CARE International UK,