Ukraine: Nearly 1,900 households displaced while floating landmines and oil spill pose further threat

CARE rapid response teams launch rescue effort in  Kherson, Ukraine

08 June 2023


Two days after the devastating explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant in the Kherson region in South Ukraine, CARE partners continue lifesaving support and have distributed 20 tonnes of water, boats and water pumps. According to current information by the Kherson regional administration, 1,852 houses were flooded so far and 1,700 people have been evacuated. Unfortunately, the left bank of the Kherson region could not be evacuated yet, so many residents are still stranded on rooftops. Apart from the water levels, CARE International is especially worried about mines that can be carried by water and are now floating in the area.

Fabrice Martin, Country Director at CARE Ukraine, said:

“The area where the Kakhovka dam was located is full of landmines, which are now floating in the water and are posing a huge risk. Furthermore, we are very worried about the catastrophic consequences this explosion could have on the environment. At least 150 tonnes of oil have been released into the Dnipro River with the risk of further leakage of more than 300 tonnes. This may lead to the Nyzhniodniprovskyi National Nature Park disappearing, which is more than 80,000 hectares of protected land. CARE teams and partners are responding quickly, but we need more financial assistance to help the most vulnerable and provide lifesaving equipment and aid."

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