World Refugee Day: Shockingly low levels of humanitarian aid funding for displaced people around the world

CARE International UK

20 June 2022


  • Analysis by CARE International show that refugee and displacement crises across Venezuela and neighbouring countries, the Central Sahel, Syria, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo are receiving shockingly low support from the international community in the first 6 months of 2022  
  • CARE International is calling on donor states not to forget these displacement crises and to increase financial aid immediately 

This World Refugee Day (Monday 20th June), the international aid organisation CARE International is highlighting the urgent need for financial support for millions of refugees worldwide. African countries are particularly affected, where no or only very little support this year has been provided so far to cope with refugee crises.  

According to the UN OCHA’s financial tracking system, countries such as Haiti, Burundi, the Rohingya and Syrian refugee responses and Mali as well as the Venezuela crisis regional response plan have received less than fifteen percent of the funds required to cope with humanitarian crises, including supporting those displaced in country and over borders.  

Even before the recent Ukraine crisis, funding levels for humanitarian crises were worryingly low. Since the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, fundraising and big donations have focused on Ukraine. However, much of this is not new funds but rather redirection of funds for other humanitarian crises. Several European governments are planning to re-direct their official development assistance to support Ukrainian refugees. This risks leaving highly vulnerable refugee populations behind, especially in the less high profile and already underfunded displacement crises around the world. The conflict in Ukraine is also putting additional pressure on global food supplies, with particular consequences for areas of the world already experiencing food crises such as the Horn of Africa and Central America’s Dry Corridor. 

Suzy Madigan, Senior Humanitarian Advisor for CARE International, said: 

“While we have a responsibility to step up to the challenge of facing humanitarian needs inside Ukraine and of vulnerable Ukrainian refugees, we must not forget about the many other global displacement crises.  

“All over the world, people are forced to leave their homes because of conflict and natural disasters.  Many displaced populations living in the Horn of Africa and the Sahel are also facing food crises. We are calling on political leaders to fulfill their obligations and to immediately increase the financial resources for the care and support of all refugees and displaced people – wherever they are coming from or running to.”  

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