Mona’s Story: “I want to help other displaced people like me.”

Mona lives in an internal displacement camp in Aden governorate.

Mona's family is one of many in Yemen who need help getting essentials, like clean drinking water. The situation there is so bad that 80% of people are in the same situation.

When the war broke out, Mona's family fled their home to escape the fighting. All seven members of her family moved to an internal displacement camp. Since then, they’ve seen a lot of suffering.
The lack of sewage systems and toilets there force people to relieve themselves in the open. It’s hard for many people to practice good hygiene.

Mona during one of her house-to-house visits

I have always had a strong desire and determination to help both my family and my community. 

 When CARE formed rapid response teams to fight the COVID-19 outbreak, Mona decided to volunteer. She distributed hygiene kits and promoted good hygiene practices like handwashing and proper use of toilets.

I felt tremendous joy when giving hygiene kits to displaced families. I saw communicable disease decrease in the camp because of my work, especially among children.



Mona started to save the allowance she received from her work as a volunteer. She used her savings to build a new cottage for her family so they could move out of the small room they shared with two other families.

Today, their new home gives them the protection and dignity that they once only dreamed of, and Mona is planning to start a small business to improve her income.

I couldn’t have achieved any of this if it wasn’t for people like you who support CARE’s work in the first place,” explains Mona. “So, from all my family and my community, I want to say thank you again for your kindness.

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Millions of people in Yemen still need humanitarian aid as they struggle to survive the impacts of war, economic collapse, food shortages, cholera, and now COVID-19.


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