Bangladesh: Rebuilding livelihoods and food security after floods

A woman displays food at her market stall in Chittagong, south-east Bangladesh

In June and July 2012, many communities in the South East of Bangladesh were badly affected by floods. People’s homes and livelihoods were destroyed.

After the initial emergency response, CARE worked closely with the communities themselves, supporting them to recover and rebuild their lives.

Cash grants helped communities to buy small livestock, grow vegetables on nearby land and start small businesses such as food stalls or selling handicrafts. Together with our partners Concern Universal and Islamic Relief Worldwide (and our local partners on the ground), we helped 18,883 severely affected households.

Through these initiatives, people are able to become more self-sufficient, get their children back into school, provide their families with home grown vegetables or eggs and milk from their livestock. By starting their own businesses they will also be able to make some essential financial savings to help them cope with future challenges.

The project was funded by DFID and was a strong collaboration between partner NGOs, local government authorities and the local community.

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