CARE Then and Now: Giving the gift of warmth

Angelo Sakondo pictured at the CARE Then and Now exhibition

Angelo Sakondo – who now works for CARE in South Sudan – was a child when war came to his village in Sudan. After three years, the first support his family received was from CARE:

“My family spent three years under rebel occupation. We were completely cut off from the world.”

In 1993 CARE brought relief including a blanket, saucepan, salt, plastic sheeting and soap - things we had not seen for three years.

Listen to Angelo's story (with photos from CARE’s current work in South Sudan):

“When we received this package from CARE I remember the excitement we felt – wow, a blanket and salt! That evening our mothers prepared the most delicious meal, and we ate more than we had ever eaten before.”

And that night we went to sleep covered in our blankets, and for the first time in three years we had a proper sleep.

Joseph Briddock pictured at the CARE Then and Now exhibition
Joseph Briddock pictured at the CARE Then and Now exhibition

Joseph Briddock received a CARE package as a small boy living in post-war London. Inside was a quilt that he still owns:

“We did receive a patchwork quilt. It’s a really wonderful heirloom that we have kept in the family and we won’t let it go.”

It keeps more than just your feet warm, it also keeps your heart warm.

Angelo and Joseph met at the CARE Then and Now exhibition which celebrated 70 years of CARE. Angelo said:

“Joseph and I, we have something in common. We treasure the memory of a simple blanket we received from CARE.”

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