CARE Then and Now: A parcel and a penfriend

Elizabeth Coughlin’s letter to CARE, with a photo of herself which she has marked with an 'x'

Elizabeth Coughlin, now living in Worcester, told us:

Yes we did receive a parcel, I lived in Poplar in the East End of London. I was just 12 years old.

It started with writing to a penfriend when I was at secondary school. Her name was Betty Constantine. She wrote to the school to ask for a pen friend. She chose me probably because my name was Betty Wosahlo. I remember they lived in New York, in the Bronx area. They also had a home in Long Island.

The parcel came and I remember how excited we were. I had a brother and sister, also mum and dad.

During the war we only lived on rations, so I remember the parcel contained tea, sugar, and rice, also tins of food and cellotape which we had never seen before.

I wrote to Betty until I was married in 1953. Although I was young during the war I have vivid memories of the bombing.

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