CARE Then and Now: Some very happy memories

Cards that Edna and her mother received with CARE packages, and that she has kept ever since

Mrs Edna Hughes (formerly Day), who now lives in Hampshire, told us:

Thank you for your enquiry, it has raised in me some real lifetime memories.

My mother Mrs Margaret Day and I received a CARE Parcel in 1947, I think it was at Christmas time. It was sent from Mrs Chester Rick of Peekskill, New York State.

The contents of the parcel were:

  • Tins of fruit
  • Tin of ham
  • Chocolate
  • Tinned vegetables

One year I remember, we had a tinned turkey.

My dad had died in June of 1947 and I was only 7, so my mum was very grateful for all of the excellent food parcels which lasted us for quite a few months, and were such a help as well, as she had such little money.

My mother did not know who had suggested that she should get these parcels and never did find out. She did keep in contact with Mrs Rick (whose first name was Dorothy) for some time, through letters and Christmas Cards, but after some time eventually we lost touch.

Christmas card received by Mrs Day and Edna

There isn’t very much more that I can remember, but I do know that I really did look forward to receiving these parcels.

Thanks for stirring the good memories at a time of desperate need, a true silver lining at that time of my young life.

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