CARE Then and Now: We remember packing the boxes

A CARE package from the USA

Dr Susan Walton, now living in Hull, told us:

My family were living in America 1943-49, near New York, and I remember how at school we helped to pack these parcels. Or rather, I have hazy memories and I wish I could remember more of the details but I was only four or five at the time, just starting school.

But I have a clear memory of these cardboard boxes and how we were given certain things to put in each one, and were told that they were to help starving families across the Atlantic.

I’ve talked to my older sister who was about nine years old at the time and she too remembers packing the boxes. She thinks that as well as tins of food in the boxes she put in practical things like a few pencils and a face-cloth.

I have a memory of packets of sweets, probably because, aged five, those were the things I would have liked to eat.

It’s possible that it made a strong impression on us because we remained conscious of our British identity and had many relations living in the UK. In the summer of 1946 we went home for a few months to visit our grandparents in Liverpool. My father had been sent to work in America during the war as the Deputy Director of the Films Division for the British Information Services.

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