Climate change: Will political leaders stand up on Earth Day?


We cannot end poverty without tackling climate disruption, because it is the poorest people who are suffering the consequences of a climate-changed world the most.

So says Wolfgang Jamann, Secretary General of CARE International, calling on political leaders to sign the Paris Agreement on Earth Day (22 April) as part of a double-sided approach to reduce the impacts of climate change and how it affects the world’s poorest communities.

To do this a joined up approach towards both the new climate agreement, and existing development targets, is needed.

CARE has joined forces with WWF to call for a Twin Track approach to tackle climate change and poverty together. David Nussbaum, CEO of WWF-UK, says: “The Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement provide a positive vision for the future, and a road map for how to get there.”

The question is whether political leaders can now deliver the changes they have previously committed to.

Here's what the Twin Tracks report is calling for:

All countries must work for a universal climate agreement

Gender equality and human rights central to SDGs and climate action

Urgent actions on climate change needed for a better future

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