Ecuador earthquake: CARE's emergency response

20-year-old mother Bridget holding her one-month old baby. Bridget was in Rio Canoa, Manabi province, the rural home of her mother, when the earthquake struck. Supplies are running short and the family needs hygiene items for the baby.

CARE staff in Ecuador are conducting assessments of people's needs following the earthquake and preparing emergency supplies for distribution. We have begun distributing mattresses and mosquito nets, as well as hygiene kits that include items like mosquito-repellent, soap and wet wipes for people who have to sleep on the bare ground in makeshift tents.

Over the coming weeks, CARE will also distribute emergency shelter packages including household rubble removal kits, tarpaulins and kitchen sets to support people as they begin to clear the debris from their homes. For some families, CARE will provide livelihood support to help accelerate their own rebuilding process. As people are still living in fear because of the disaster and aftershocks, CARE will also provide psychosocial support to help children and adults to overcome trauma.

CARE staff conducting a needs assessment
CARE shelter specialist Bill Flinn speaking to residents of Rio Canoa, the rural home community of many residents of Canoa town as they prepare temporary shelters. People everywhere in the affected areas are nervous to sleep inside as  the area is still rocked by aftershocks on a daily basis.
CARE staff conducting a needs assessment
Iven Barberan, a young man in Rio Canoa volunteering with the clear-up operation, speaking to CARE water, sanitation and hygiene specialist Amilcar Miron during CARE’s visit to his village following the earthquake
CARE staff assembling mosquito nets for emergency distribution
Mosquito nets being packed for distribution to earthquake-affected communities by CARE, in partnership with ECHO (the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department) and the government of Ecuador
CARE staff packing hygiene kits for emergency distribution
Hygiene kits being packed and prepared for distribution
A list of contents of a hygiene kit
A list of contents being packed into the hygiene kits which include items like sanitary pads, mosquito repellant, laundry soap, wet wipes, toothpaste and soap, all packed in a plastic bucket that can be used for storage or for collecting and storing water
Loading mattresses for distribution in Ecuador
Volunteers loading mattresses onto trucks for distribution to the coastal communities hardest hit by the earthquake, where many people have abandoned their homes to sleep in makeshift shelters
A man moving a sheet of corrugated iron in an earthquake-damaged building
A man salvaging corrugated iron roof sheets from an earthquake-damaged building to be used for temporary shelters, Canoa, Manabi province
A family walking down an earthquake-damaged street
The scale of the task ahead: a family walks along a street in Pedernales lined with destroyed and damaged buildings


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