Haiti hurricane: Help arrives but more is needed

A young girl and an elderly woman in the ruins of their home, destroyed by Hurricane Matthew

I watched my house be destroyed before my eyes. All the roofs were flying around the night sky like birds.

These were the words of Florkensia (in brown shirt in the slideshow below) who was hunkered down in her home during Hurricane Matthew when the roof blew right off her house.

In the days following the hurricane, with funding from UK aid, CARE has been distributing hygiene kits and tarpaulins for temporary shelter in Beaumont and in Moron, close to Jeremie, one of the areas worst affected by the hurricane.

The situation on the ground

As Haiti’s people begin to take stock of the damage, the need for humanitarian assistance is stark:

  • more than 175,000 people are now living in 224 temporary shelters
  • more than 1.4 million people are in need of assistance – including 592,000 children
  • more than 200,000 houses severely damaged
  • extensive damage to crops throughout the South which is a major source of food production for Haiti – meaning food is running low in local markets and economic activity has plummeted
  • many areas still inaccessible due to blocked roads from debris and fallen trees
  • water supplies contaminated by flooding with over 500 cholera cases already reported
Storm-damaged house with UK Aid tarpaulins on roof
UK Aid tarps distributed by CARE are used on homes outside of Jeremie, Haiti

CARE’s response so far

  • distributing shelter kits (tarpaulins and rope) in Grand Anse department
  • distributing bottled water, hygiene kits and water purification tablets, and organising hygiene awareness session, in the South East and Grand Anse departments
  • distributing food including hot meals in temporary shelters
  • preparing to begin cash distributions so that people can buy food and other supplies according to their need
  • preparing to implement cash-based activities to aid with clearing debris, repairing damaged structures, protecting infrastructure, etc.

Millions have been affected by this disaster and need help to keep their families alive and healthy and to rebuild their lives.

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