Myanmar refugee crisis: Tarik's story

Please listen to Tarik’s story.

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Our parents and home were attacked. They went from village to village and attacked my parents. Houses were burnt down. The girls were raped and so many more terrible things happened.

In the chaos of that terrible night, Tarik* (12) and his brother Rajib* (9) fled from their home in Myanmar with their grandma but were separated from their father, mother and sisters. Tarik says:

We had no clue as to where we were going. We were just running and running until the dawn broke.

“We thought we could take some rest and looked around. But everything was burnt down. We had to keep going. Our legs were shaking and aching as we never ran like this before... We just kept following the other people and finally reached the river.”

We still looked for our parents and sisters but in the end we had to run for our lives.

Tarik, Rajib and their grandma managed to cross the river to Bangladesh in a boat. Rajib says:

I couldn’t understand anything for hours. I thought it was a nightmare and it would soon be over. I was crying and looking for my father, mother and sisters.

Rajib and Tarik
Rajib (left) and Tarik pictured at the Balukhali refugee camp

They then managed to get to the Balukhali refugee camp, one of the refugee camps where CARE teams are helping refugees like Tarik to ensure they have food, clean water, shelter and emotional support to come to terms with the nightmare they have experienced and everything they have lost. Tarik says:

“We used to go to school. Our father had a small fish business and our mother was a housewife. We lived hand to mouth but we were happy.

“We really miss our school and friends there. We miss our sisters. We miss playing with them. We miss talking to them.”

Please bring back our parents and sisters.

Nothing can replace what these boys have lost, but at least we can provide for their most basic needs. Please donate now to help provide food, clean water, shelter and emotional support for refugees like Tarik and Rajib.

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* Not their real names.

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