Nepal: “I’ve never experienced anything like this”

Destruction in Yarsa village following the second major earthquake to hit Nepal

Out of the blue the ground started trembling enormously, rocks started falling, people started screaming, running around...

Watch our emergency team leader Iljitsj Wemerman talk about what it was like to be in a remote village in Sindhupalchowk district not far from the epicentre when the latest earthquake hit, what the people’s needs are, and how CARE is going to help.

Let’s face it, there’s need of everything at this moment. Particularly these villages high up in the mountains, they’re so extremely remote – whatever support they can get, they need to get...

People’s immediate needs are for shelter – “that’s what people speak out about, they say please help us with that”; hygiene assistance to prevent the spread of disease; and food supplies as the monsoon season is approaching and the villages are likely to be cut off and inaccessible for supplies to come in.

In this first phase, CARE is mostly going to target these most vulnerable people high up in the mountains, with shelter materials, hygiene kits, and food security.

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