Save Syria’s ceasefire: We cannot stand by

Since the ceasefire was shattered, one Syrian has been killed every 25 minutes and one injured every 13 minutes

CARE has joined more than 80 other organisations in condemning the breach of the Syrian ceasefire and calling on the United States and Russia to take urgent steps to rescue Syria’s ceasefire agreement and end attacks on civilians and humanitarian workers.

The joint statement says:

“Fewer people died in the first month of Syria’s ceasefire than at almost any other time since the war began. For many, it was the first time in years that they could walk the streets without fear. This was a first glimpse of hope. That hope that now hangs in the balance.”

Syria is yet again on the brink of humanitarian disaster and the need for action is urgent.

CARE calls for an indefinite ceasefire in Syria, and on all parties to reach a political solution that will help end the worst humanitarian conflict of our time.

Girl standing in rubble in Syria

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