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Douen photographed in Cambodia by John Hewat

We asked five CARE photographers: what is your favourite image from the work you saw CARE implementing this year?

We think they capture the challenges of life in the communities where we work, the strength and courage of the people we work with, and the joy experienced when things improve – thanks to you. Your support for CARE makes a real difference.

Doeun is growing up multilingual in Cambodia

Doeun (pictured above) just wouldn’t. Stop. Posing.

Only eight years old, Doeun was super bored by our interview questions; she wanted to be playing with her friends, not talking to us about her school, where CARE-trained teachers are helping her and other students learn two languages. I knew I’d struggle to get a good photo of her – kids will be kids, after all.

But the moment I picked up my camera, she jumped into action, switching poses like a seasoned fashion model and flashing peace signs. A natural performer, her teacher said she has a talent for making people laugh, and she was definitely showing it off that day.

Eventually she did a big star jump for the camera, then walked off as if to say “Okay, show’s over, I’m done.”

by John Hewat

Woman and child in Mozambique
Lucia photographed with one of her children in Mozambique by Josh Estey

Lucia survived disaster in Mozambique

It had been about a week since Cyclone Idai had devastated Lucia’s village, and the water was slowly receding. We waded through the mud to chat with her as she was preparing food in the place she once called home – now just a quagmire left behind by the receding waters.

She wasn’t emotional, it was all just a matter of fact: their home, their fields and their lives had been washed away.

“I have lost the crops, my clothes and the house,” she told me. “I only saved my children.”

There was only one thing to do: start again.

After a tragedy of this scale, that was all they could do. Keep moving forward and hope for things to get better.

by Josh Estey

Two children walking in Sudan
Two children photographed in Sudan by Sabine Wilke

The challenges of life in Sudan

It’s hot and dusty in Sudan.

Malnutrition among mothers and children is rampant there. I was visiting a CARE-supported nutrition centre when I was lucky enough to capture this photo.

The young girl and her brother had just received some help and were about to begin their long walk home. As I watched them walk away I thought to myself how poignantly that view captured the challenges of life in the arid landscape of Sudan.

Usually, when children receive nutrition support from one of these centres, they don’t have to return. I hope that will be the case for these two little ones.

by Sabine Wilke

Amaal, a young girl in Yemen
Amaal photographed in Yemen by Jennifer Bose Ratka

Amaal’s only wish was to return to school in Yemen

I first heard about 12-year-old Amaal’s story from my colleagues in the CARE office in Aden. They had told me about a young girl who was unable to attend school and started helping out our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene team by teaching other kids in her neighbourhood about good hygiene practices.

I was looking forward to meeting her in person and was not disappointed. In fact I was surprised by her maturity and intelligence. She’s very well-spoken and was eager to do something useful with her time since she couldn’t go to school because hers was destroyed in the bombing of Hodeidah.

Her only wish was to return to school – and I was so happy to find out that our CARE team has succeeded in getting her into a new school again despite the difficulties.

by Jennifer Bose Ratka

Group of five women in Bangladesh
Mst. Samsuara, Mohona, Surma, Mim, and China photographed in Bangladesh by Jorja Currington

Moving towards equality in Bangladesh

These are five participants in a Women’s Empowerment training course that CARE runs in garment factories in Bangladesh.

The training encourages women to take on leadership roles and teaches them the skills to speak up and take control of their careers – and their lives.

This photo was taken on a scorching hot day during a brief break in their training. They were all so bright and cheerful, and very excited to be getting their picture taken.

Without instruction, they threw their arms around each other and beamed with bright smiles as I snapped away.

Afterwards I got to see their training session, where they all participated with enthusiasm. It’s clear that the training is so important to them and is making a huge difference in their lives.

These are the smiles that prove it.

by Jorja Currington

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