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Every day, girls in India are denied the right to live, learn, earn and thrive simply because they were born female.

We believe that girls should grow up to be #worldclass – not second class – citizens, and the time has come for decision-makers around the world to make this aim a reality.

World leaders must not be allowed to backtrack on agreeing to an ambitious stand-alone Sustainable Development Goal on gender equality.

The Sustainable Development Goals – due to be agreed in September this year – will set the agenda for the fight against poverty and injustice over the next 15 years.

A gender equality goal with clear targets – on health, reproductive rights, education, political participation, access to finance and jobs, and much more – will mean real, concrete action is taken to ensure girls like Anusha grow up to be world class citizens.

Anusha* is a girl from a village in Northern India. In her community, girls are not allowed to step out of the house. They are forced to take on domestic work at the cost of being able to fulfil their potential at school.

Read Anusha's inspiring story and sign the petition to ask world leaders to continue to champion a stand-alone Sustainable Development Goal on gender equality. 

*Name changed

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