Typhoon Haiyan: A letter from Jinky

Jinky and her mother stand outside their home rebuilt with the help of CARE

On 8 November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan, one of the largest storms ever recorded, tore through the Philippines causing widespread devastation and loss of life.

Jinky Calub, aged 17, from the central Philippines’ island of Leyte, tragically lost her father during the typhoon, as well as her home and any source of income the family had. CARE was there to support Jinky and her family almost immediately after the typhoon, providing them with food packages and emergency tarpaulin to cover what was left of their house.

Over the past year, we have continued to help Jinky's family to get back on their feet, giving them tools, equipment and training to build back their house safer and stronger than before.

Jinky also received a cash grant from us to help the family start a small business to earn a living again. Jinky used the money to buy two piglets which she will rear and sell.

Jinky with the piglets she bought with a cash grant from CARE © CARE / Mario Ignacio

Jinky with the piglets she bought with a cash grant from CARE

Six months after the typhoon, Jinky shared her journal with us, writing about the pain she felt of losing a parent and the difficult journey of recovery she went through during that time, grappling with anger, denial and the struggle to be hopeful again.

184 of our wonderful supporters wrote to Jinky to express their sadness for her loss and hopes that she and her family are recovering.

Jinky reading supporters' letters © CARE / Mario Ignacio

Jinky reading supporters' letters

We brought your letters to Jinky, who carefully read every single one of them and was overwhelmed by the kind messages of support she received. As she tries to move on from the terrible events of last year, she wanted to write back to you, to tell you of the strength she got from your letters and how she is now able to start rebuiding her and her family's lives.

Jinky's letter to supporters

CARE's response to Typhoon Haiyan

Over the past year, CARE has provided

  • 252,115 people with food assistance
  • 59,984 people with emergency shelter supplies
  • 9,484 children with food through the 'School Feeding Programme'
  • 77,068 people with high-quality 'Shelter Repair Kits'
  • 135,200 people with cash grants to restore their businesses or start new ones
  • 220 training sessions on livelihoods planning and good household money management
  • Training on 'Build Back Safer' techniques to over 500 community carpenters

In total, CARE has reached 318,650 people affected by Typhoon Haiyan, 118,650 more than our original goal.

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