Women and girls

Seven CARE women demand action from G7 leaders ahead of this week's Summit

Seven women from countries including Ukraine, Afghanistan and Bangladesh have written to G7 leaders to offer a first-hand perspective on how the world’s most pressing crises are affecting women and girls globally.

Women like Karima need our help now

The conflict in Afghanistan is one of the world’s most complex and longstanding humanitarian crises. Like many other conflicts, it is disproportionately impacting women and girls.

Women like Farah need our help now

In Syria, conflict has been raging for over 11 years. It’s hard for us to imagine living through 11 years of war but for women like Farah, this is reality.

Mothers like Natasha need our help now

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine shows just how devastating it is to be caught up in a conflict. Before our eyes, we are seeing families being ripped apart and ordinary citizens are taking up arms.

Women leaders in the garment industry - Photographer blog

Photographers in three countries in Asia document the stories of women working in the garment industry. 

Let’s do everything in our power to support communities on the front line of the climate emergency!

Find out about GenZero and why we must do everything in our power to support communities living on the front lines of the climate emergency.

Restarting our humanitarian response in Afghanistan

CARE is restarting emergency humanitarian response in Afghanistan, where around 14 million people are currently going hungry.

South Sudan 10 years on: Local women leading change

As South Sudan celebrates 10 years of independence, it faces the worst humanitarian crisis in its short history.