Women and girls

Ethiopia: A relentless walk for unsafe water

Ever since she can remember 46-year-old Betu has walked for more than 9 hours every day to get water for her family.

Walk In Her Shoes: A journey like no other

Every day, 14-year-old Ayanna rises before dawn to embark on a gruelling journey to fetch water for her family.

DRC: Rape as a weapon of war

Read Jolly’s story [not her real name] to find out the impact when rape is used as a weapon of war.

Early child marriage: "Maybe some day, but not today"

Legally Mukeshwari's marriage should never even have been possible. She was only 15 years old.

For girls, sports are more than ‘just a game’

“I’m young but I lead a group of 40 adult women in our village sports group,” says Neema, a young woman in Tanzania.

Bangladesh: Poor women tackle land rights issue

CARE is supporting communities to collectively tackle the problem of landlessness in northeast Bangladesh.

Zimbabwe: Take a walk in Agnes’ shoes

In the red dusty landscape of southern Zimbabwe, a slight figure walks under the blazing afternoon sun with a tin bucket swinging by her side.

Ethiopia’s teenage bride survivors

Young women who were married off as child brides can now talk about positive changes in their lives, thanks to CARE's project.