Women and girls

East Africa crisis: “We share what little we have”

Women's groups in Somalia are using their savings to help others - but as famine looms, their money is running out.

Nadia's story

The story of a Yazidi woman refugee from Iraq as told to CARE and PositiveNegatives.

Why I’m marching for refugee women this Sunday

Amelia Rule, Emergency Shelter Advisor for CARE International UK reflects on why we focus on protecting women and girls in emergencies

Dana's story: We all want the best for our children

The story of a Syrian refugee family as told to CARE and PositiveNegatives.

25 years of VSLAs: Putting power in women’s hands

Village Savings and Loan Associations are about more than just the money...

25 years of VSLAs: The opportunity of a lifetime

The story of how one of the very first VSLA groups has lifted up three generations of a family in Kagadama, Niger.

Refugee Summits: Did they listen to the women?

Read what refugee women said to world leaders at the Summits - will the world now take action?

Listen to the women: Refugee women demand to be heard

The Listen to the Women event in support of refugee women featured actors Anne-Marie Duff, Tanya Moodie and Juliet Stevenson and the MPs Yvette Cooper and Heidi Allen.