Women and girls

Water and women’s rights in Ethiopia: Fatuma’s story

If you’re curious about the connection between clean water and women’s rights, meet Fatuma.

UK aid: Dreams of education become a reality

"No one can understand the pain I had... seeing my daughters not attending school and doing only household chores. I had to hide my tears from my husband and children."

Nepal earthquake: Tackling violence gives hope to families

Counselling on gender-based violence has helped Kami Granden and her husband create a safer home for their children.

Nepal earthquake: Training local people to build back safer

Single mother Sunita was trained by CARE to build earthquake-resilient houses - and her work is much in demand.

Walk In Her Shoes – from charity to activism

The Walk In Her Shoes women’s day march was not just a celebration - it brought home how much we can do to change the lives of women and girls.

Meet Marah and the Speed Sisters - the world's first all-female racing team

With the support of her family and others including CARE International, Marah Zahalka is now part of the first all-female car-racing team in the Middle East.

International Women's Day: Walk In Her Shoes 2016

Relive CARE's women's day walk in London - the launch of Walk In Her Shoes 2016!

Why I’m taking baby Rosa on her first march for Mother’s Day

With a name like Rosa perhaps you’d think she has no choice – her namesakes Rosa Parks and Luxemburg were two revolutionary heroines in the fight for global justice and equality.