Yemen emergency: A daily struggle for survival

Nama'a and her daughter

Since the conflict broke out in March 2015, over 2.5 million people have been displaced from their homes. Nama’a and her children are among those who now face a daily struggle for survival. Nama’a said:

“We were sheltering under plastic sheets tacked to the walls or sometimes trees, with no food or money. It seemed the war was going to be the end for us. We moved, seeking help from relatives.”

But how can they help us when they are also devastated by war and cannot afford items for their own survival?

Nama'a's children looking through the window
Nama’a’s children looking through the window

Whilst we are talking, Nama’a’s children sneak over to the window, asking their mother for food. “We haven’t eaten since yesterday morning,” said the oldest brother, Mohammed.

Sometimes we get one meal a day, but sometimes we get nothing. We can’t sleep because we are so hungry.

Nama'a making bread
Nama’a making bread with flour donated by CARE

“This is my kitchen where I make bread with flour donated by CARE,” said Nama’a.

We were always poor but we were able to survive. Now I am not sure we can continue to survive living like this.

Katiba, a woman displaced by conflict in Yemen

Katiba (above) lost her home and her son when her village came under fire. “We were hit by heavy shelling, and I couldn’t save my son. I cried my heart out,” she says.

“Later, with my remaining family, we moved to another village searching for shelter. We are staying with relatives, but it isn’t safe here either,” says Katiba as the sound of heavy explosions are heard, sending other women and children running away in fear.

We don’t know what to do, but for the sake of my other children, I am not giving up.

Sabah and daughter

Sabah (above, with one of her daughters) heard loud explosions and fled her home with her children. She says: “We didn't know what was happening. The sounds of explosions were heavy and getting closer. We ran quickly to escape before the explosion hit our home.”

“I don’t know what kind of future is waiting for my daughter. I can’t read or write and I have always dreamed that she will go to school and be educated.”

I want this war to be over. We are scared of bombs and we are tired of having nowhere to go.

What CARE is doing

Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world. Since 2006, Yemen has ranked as the lowest country in the world for gender equality, and over 60% of the population was already in need of humanitarian assistance before this conflict. Since the violence erupted in March 2015, the humanitarian needs have escalated at an alarming rate. CARE’s emergency response is focused on providing life-saving food, livelihoods, water and sanitation assistance to the most vulnerable displaced people, especially women and girls.

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