Yemen videos: The human tragedy of hunger and cholera


Every day, families in Yemen go hungry and thirsty; every hour, one person dies.

Please watch these short videos where mothers speak of the despair and heartbreak caused by the Yemen crisis.

Fawzia’s story

The water is contaminated... Our kids drink from it and they get infected by cholera.

Karima’s story

He was vomiting from the moment he got sick until the moment he passed away.

Women in Yemen face impossible choices

Their children are going hungry, getting sick, and dying. How can they cope, when they have only contaminated water to drink, and no money to buy food or medicine?

  • 1 person dies nearly every hour of cholera
  • Over half the population have no access to clean water
  • 80% of households in Yemen are in debt and need to borrow money to feed their children

Watch the full video to see their stories and find out how you can help save lives in Yemen:

The devastating cholera outbreak is adding to the miseries of Yemen’s people as the humanitarian crisis created by conflict, food and water shortages, and lack of health services, gets progressively worse.

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