Syrian refugees facing loss of food vouchers

Cuts in food vouchers provided by the World Food Programme could affect up to 1.7 million Syrian refugees who rely on the vouchers as their main or only source of food.

Afghanistan: Community-based education for girls

There are many barriers preventing girls in Afghanistan from getting an education – but CARE is overcoming those barriers.

Syrian refugees: Caring for people with disabilities

“I want to tell you the story of how I got here,” the 32-year-old woman says with a smile on her face.

No child should grow up with such a name

How does one react when being told that the name of a new-born child means "one who has lost everything and whose people are eternally persecuted"?

Ebola is like a secret war

The smell of boiling bananas fills the air as Musu Sesay prepares banana cakes that she hopes her teenage daughter will be able sell for some desperately needed income.

Syrian refugees: School is a fading memory

For Syrian refugee children such as eleven-year-old Hani, childhood is a fading memory.

A hole lot more than just a toilet

In an emergency, food, water and safety are usually considered the essentials for survival, but in South Sudan the humble toilet is also changing – and saving – lives.

Orphaned by Ebola, a life in limbo

17-year-old Josephine Ngagba's story broke my heart. But it also strengthened my resolve to fight this terrible, devastating disease.