Yemen videos: The human tragedy of hunger and cholera

Mothers speak of the despair and heartbreak caused by the Yemen crisis.

Yemen: No way in and no way out

One year ago, the airport in Sana'a, capital of Yemen, was closed. What does this mean for the people of Yemen?

Somalia: “My child cries for food”

Drought in Somalia means mothers don't know where their children's next meal is coming from.

Dadaab refugee camp: Meeting our need for water

See how CARE and refugees are working together to provide water in Dadaab camp in Kenya.

Yemen: Cholera outbreak piles on the misery

Yemen is facing an acute cholera outbreak that is making even worse the already dire humanitarian crisis in the country.

Family planning: Let’s talk about contraception

CARE’s Chat! project in Cambodia helps garment workers learn about modern contraception - and take control of the choices they make.

Family planning: Why it’s a human right

Family Planning Summit: why women and girls displaced by disaster or conflict need access to contraceptives.

Through her eyes: A refugee's wish to be safe

“Mostly I am worried about the children” – a photo story by a young woman refugee in Greece.