DRC: Restoring dignity to survivors of sexual violence

“It was as if someone had thrown me a rope to help me climb out of a deep, dark hole,” says Florance Kwinja.

Recovering from conflict: Giving people a place to be heard

CARE has created a “listening centre” to provide professional psychosocial support for survivors of Côte d’Ivoire’s brutal violence.

Adapting to climate change in Ecuador: “I no longer depend on others”

Despite coming from a long line of farmers, Maria was struggling to feed her children as the climate became more unpredictable. Read how CARE helped.

Reviving traditions to survive drought in Kenya

“Droughts have been part and parcel of our weather for centuries, but in the last 30 years, their frequency and severity has increased,” says women's group leader Fatuma.

Cambodia: How better farming practices lead to better lives

Cambodian mother of five, Riem Soun, is changing her family’s life. It all began when her rice field was selected to be CARE’s demonstration plot as part of a project promoting better farming practices.

Haiti earthquake: How CARE rebuilds alongside local people

"Life was very hard… But now I have a house and I am gaining weight again."

A new era for mothers and babies in Budar, Nepal

In far western Nepal, the terrain makes travel difficult and people have little access to health care facilities.

Peru: Making people’s voices heard in health care provision

Peru has the second highest maternal mortality rate in South America - but CARE's Participatory Voices project is helping women stand up for better health care.