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Children with a CARE package in Azraq refugee camp, Jordan, in 2016

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2015-16 Annual Report and Accounts

Download a PDF of our 2015-16 Annual Report and Accounts:

CARE International UK Annual Report and Accounts 2015-16

Our work makes a major contribution to the global impact of CARE in 79 developing countries around the world.

CARE's global impact 2015-16

CARE International UK provides funding for CARE’s poverty-fighting projects and initiatives around the world, and leadership and expertise on key areas of CARE’s work globally. Thanks to our donors and supporters, the year 2015-16 saw a significant increase in our expenditure on charitable activity.

CARE's expenditure and breakdown by theme 2015-16

Our Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 30 June 2016 presents highlights from our work on women's economic empowerment, emergency response, gender equality, inclusive governance and resilience, including case studies from some of the 79 countries where CARE implemented poverty-fighting humanitarian and development programmes in 2015-16.

Where we worked in 2015-16

CARE's breakdown by region 2015-16

Financial review

During the year, we increased our funding for responses to humanitarian emergencies, and further invested in a range of long-term, large-scale development programmes that are bringing lasting change to the lives of poor and marginalised people. Our total income was £78m (a 52% increase on the previous year) and our total expenditure was £67m, with increases across all programmes and significant growth in humanitarian programmes in particular. (Income is higher than expenditure because income includes funding received in 2015-16 for multi-year programmes, for which funds are held over to be spent in future years.)

Our full financial statements for 2015-16 are included in our Annual Report and Accounts 2015-16.

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