Why I work for CARE

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Read what some of our staff have to say about working for CARE:

Gilbert Muyumbu, Governance Advisor

Working with CARE is one of the most enriching experiences of my professional life.

“Since joining CARE, I have met with an environment where nothing ever falls into a rigid routine or an echo chamber of similar, rigid perspectives. This is because the CARE environment provides a rich and diverse set of contexts, models of empowerment, partners and colleagues with whom one continually interacts and from whom one picks new illuminating insights.”

Being a person of immense curiosity, this has turned my days at CARE into full days of immense learning. It is a professionally fulfilling experience.

Jean Irumba, Contracts and Finance Officer

“As part of my role, I support contract and financial management of projects from funding proposals, project set up, reporting and close out stages, working with both the Private Sector Engagement team and the Women’s Economic Empowerment team.”

Both teams put women and girls at the centre of what they do, and it gives me great job satisfaction coming into work every day knowing that I am helping empower women and girls round the world to fulfil their potential.

“It also gives me great pleasure working to engage the private sector partners to give back to the communities by funding CARE projects, which helps support the most vulnerable people worldwide out of poverty.”

Daniel Hickin, Management & Financial Support Officer

“My role is to provide support on data, finance and systems for the Programme Management Team and CARE UK as a whole. This incorporates data and reporting management, financial administration and compliance monitoring, while I also coordinate our work on improving our systems and processes.”

In addition to working within a great team, my role requires interaction with colleagues across CARE UK, giving me a greater insight into the workings of the organisation.

“I take great pride in the knowledge that the data and reports I produce enable the organisation to assess its current position, while also looking to the future and improving upon the great work we currently do fighting poverty and saving lives around the world.”

Gashaw Gessesse, IT Support Engineer

“What I like most about my job is CARE’s mission – fighting poverty and injustice. As an IT support staff, I feel positive about my contribution to CARE’s work. I am part of changing people’s lives for the better.”

I like the fact that CARE focuses on results – getting the work done. The management style lets me do my job. I also like the sense of family around my workplace. The people at CARE are positive, helpful, friendly and yet professional.

Caroline Tatum, Senior Supporter Care Officer

“You really never know what each day is going to bring when you work in the Supporter Care Team. We might receive a large donation from one of our wonderful supporters and have the opportunity to talk about CARE and thank them for their support, help one of our Lendwithcare lenders to navigate the website and find an entrepreneur who they would like to make a loan to, or register someone to take part in one of our events. We are here to engage with our supporters and to answer all of their queries, whether by telephone, email or letter, and to show them how much we appreciate their support.”

CARE is a lovely place to work with a real team atmosphere where everyone is doing their bit to help those in poverty or affected by emergency situations around the world.

“I get a real sense of achievement to know that I am part of this and to also have the opportunity to volunteer at events such as March4Women and to be part of a really iconic day.”

Uke Kalu, Supporter Acquisition Manager

“I get a buzz from my role. It is intrinsically linked to how we, as an organisation, promote the amazing work we do, how we attract new supporters, how we engage new audiences, and how we inspire new people to go on a journey that can bring about real change in the lives of so many less fortunate people around the world.”

The decisions I make within the Direct Marketing team and the projects I’m responsible for make all the difference to the first impressions people have and the experience they end up getting, which is a huge, but exciting responsibility.

“Fundraising can be a fast-moving and challenging beast in any organisation, but when there are a plethora of tangible results to show what your efforts have helped to achieve, it really is rewarding.

I have an excellent team around me and I have fun everyday so that makes all the difference in keeping motivated and focused.

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