Devastating floods in Mali

The first floods in 60 years

In Mali, sudden intense rainfall has caused destructive flooding throughout the Mopti region. More than 3,600 homes have been destroyed, and more than 1,350 households have already been affected.

Ely Keita, CARE Mali’s Country Director, recently visited the village of Syn in the Mopti region to help in the recovery work:

"This year, the flooding of this village was beyond what people could think of. In fact, the villagers told me that they have never seen something like this in 60 years. And this is of course the impact of climate change. Sometimes, when we talk about climate change, we don’t really live the reality of its impacts, but the people of Syn are living the reality."

Look at this, the entire village is destroyed by the floods. Imagine yourself where you are, where you are sitting, you have no home and no place to stay just because of flood. What would you do?”

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