Badia's letter to G7 leaders

Badia Afghanistan

Dear G7 world leaders,

Each week I watch as food prices soar. Conflict in our region and globally has disrupted our food supply, meaning the basics that we rely on are now completely unaffordable. Potatoes have doubled in price over the past few weeks and just one small packet of oil is now 50 Afghani (approx 45p).  

I’ve always loved cooking and eating a good meal with family. But now I can barely put together a meal. I ration the oil as much as I can and reduce the portions I serve. But I often go without a meal so my children and mother-in-law have enough to eat. 

I have three children who haven’t seen their father in over two months. My husband could not find a job here and has been forced to look for work in Iran. It breaks my heart that my family can’t be together. 

Food scarcity has already pushed us to crisis point. I now rely on the support of charities like CARE International. Without the food I get from them, I don’t know where I would turn to or how I would feed my family. Tonight, I will cook bread for my children from the flour I received today, along with rice and red beans. But I truly fear for the coming months and the idea that I may have nothing to cook for my children.  

When G7 world leaders meet, I ask that they think of families like mine. 

No mother should have to put their children to bed hungry. 

Yours faithfully 

Badia*, Herat Province, Afghanistan 

*name changed