UK General Election Results

05 July 2024


CARE International UK’s CEO Helen McEachern reacts to the election result:

The new Government comes into power at a time of immense challenge nationally and internationally. Growing conflict, climate change and poverty have rolled back decades of progress on women’s rights. Now is the time to take a bold and new approach to tackle inequality, otherwise ambitions to meet development goals will be rendered futile – with women and girls the hardest hit.

Labour has said they want to make women and girls the silver thread across international development work. To achieve this, we at CARE recommend the Government take these first 5 steps for change: set targets for gender equality; prioritise the climate crisis through locally-led approaches; support women’s leadership in conflict; champion their economic inclusion globally and encourage women's political participation at home.

We hope the new Government will seize the opportunity to be a progressive global leader – by committing to these first steps to deliver a feminist future, one that puts women and girls’ leadership at the heart of policies and practice.

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