General Election 2024

We're calling on the next UK Government to help build a feminist future


Around the world, women and girls are disproportionately impacted by conflicts and crises they didn’t cause. Again and again, in times of crisis it’s women who lose the most as they fight to protect their communities.

But they also have power, resilience, and often lead the way to more equitable, sustainable and peaceful societies.

We believe the next UK Government can pave the way to a feminist future. One that champions women and girls in all their diversity as they lead their communities.

We are calling on the next UK Government to take these first steps towards building a feminist future:

1. Commit to ambitious aid targets for gender equality

Emergency aid distribution in Morocco

UK aid cuts have had a disproportionate impact on gender equality and women and girls. To redress the balance, we need to be more targeted and transformative with our aid spending.

Did you know that…

  • UK aid funding for women’s rights organisations in 2021 dropped by 66% compared to its peak in 2017.
  • UK aid spending which includes a focus on gender equality nearly halved between 2019 and 2021; while overall aid spending fell by around just a third.

We want the next UK Government to…

  • Set out a plan to meet the current aid target of 80% of bilateral aid (that’s aid that is given directly by the UK to another country) to include a focus on gender equality.
  • Create a new target for at least 20% of bilateral aid to have gender equality as its primary focus.

2. Prioritise a feminist response to the climate crisis

Zambia GenAdapt

The UK Government must invest in the women and girls who are being forced to adapt to the new, tougher reality of climate change. They are the ones who know what it takes to survive and lead their communities out of crisis.

Did you know that…

  • Less than 1% of current UK bilateral climate finance has targeted gender equality specifically.
  • Less than 0.2% of that spend has reached women’s rights organisations.

We want the next UK Government to…

  • Provide support for women’s rights organisations to scale up solutions to the climate crisis, including through a dedicated climate programme focused on gender justice.
  • Ensure the transition away from fossil fuels towards a green economy supports gender equality, by supporting women to access green jobs and recognising the crucial role of care work.

3. Promote women's leadership in conflict and crises

Women Lead in Emergencies Niger

The world is failing to prevent predictable harms towards women and girls in conflicts and emergencies. We already have the frameworks, tools and knowledge to change this, but they will only be effective if we include women’s voices and leadership in decision making, including on funding.

Did you know that…

  • A recent CARE report found that 91% of women led their communities through conflict and crisis response.
  • When women lead, and help to shape conflict prevention, resolution and humanitarian response, outcomes before, during, and after conflict are often improved.
  • Despite this, there are huge barriers to money reaching these women. For example, in Gaza, just 0.09% of the flash appeal went to women’s rights or national organisations.

We want the next UK Government to…

  • Ensure local women leaders are integral to the UK’s efforts to prevent and resolve conflicts and crises, including in Gaza, Sudan and Ukraine.
  • Leverage the UK’s diplomacy to make sure women leaders are given the opportunity and support needed to take part in humanitarian and peacebuilding decision-making spaces.
  • Promote women leading in conflict and crisis by ensuring there is senior level leadership and funding dedicated to Women, Peace and Security within the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

4. Fight for women's economic justice on the global stage

Female entrepreneurs

The UK government has historically been a champion for women’s economic empowerment, but leadership has dwindled in recent years. With renewed strong UK leadership that pushes for gender-just economic transformation, we can shift the dial for women and girls.

Did you know that…

  • The World Economic Forum currently warns of the worst gender crisis in the world of work since it started measuring gender gaps.
  • When women and girls are involved in shaping economies, and equitably participate in labour markets, prosperity increases – for their communities and countries as a whole.

We want the next UK Government to…

  • Initiate renewed global leadership on Women’s Economic Justice.
  • Champion economic transformation to be tackled by G7 Governments and across the international system, including institutions like the UN.

5. Walk the talk – champion a gender equal parliament at home


To achieve ambitions internationally on gender equality, it is important the UK commits to demonstrating those values at home. Currently the system remains stacked against women. Many are put off standing for election by the barriers and challenges they need to overcome. This is especially true for those from ethnic minority backgrounds or those who have a disability or caring responsibilities.

Did you know that…

  • Whilst women are 51% of the population, they only account for 35% of MPs.
  • There have only ever been 564 female MPs, fewer than the number of seats in the House of Commons.

We want the next UK Government to…

  • Commit to gender equal parliament by enacting Section 106 of the Equality Act, which would require all parties to publish diversity data on candidates standing for elections to the House of Commons, Scottish Parliament and the Senedd.