CARE Then and Now

CARE Then and Now: Some very happy memories

Edna Hughes recalls “some very happy memories for me at times of real stress!”

CARE Then and Now: Wonderful cake with fruit on top

We did not know there were such things – but how delicious it was!

CARE Then and Now: The cornflakes smelled like magic!

Joseph Briddock remembers living in London during the war - and receiving CARE packages “from strangers across the ocean”.

CARE Then and Now: A parcel and a penfriend

Elizabeth Coughlin remembers a parcel with tea, sugar, rice, tins of food and cellotape “which we had never seen before”.

CARE Then and Now: “I remember the excitement”

Ruth Martin remembers her excitement when the first parcel arrived, and her amazement at the goodies it contained.

CARE Then and Now: “I still have the labels”

June Darby's family received three packages - and June has got the labels to prove it.

CARE Then and Now: We remember packing the boxes

Susan Walton remembers helping pack CARE packages at school in the USA when she lived there as a child.

From the archive: CARE packages lead to marriage

World War 2 brought Marta and Dayton Edie together – but it was the CARE packages Dayton sent later that helped win Marta’s heart.