Food and hunger

El Nino in Ethiopia: Providing care in a food crisis

CARE is providing food and nutrition support to young mothers, children and families in drought-hit Ethiopia.

El Nino in Malawi: Living off food aid

The drought in Malawi means 75-year old Esther Peter relies on aid agencies like CARE for food to feed her three orphaned grandchildren.

El Nino in Malawi: The last meal

“Now I sit and think what if the food runs out, what will I do for the children?”

A walk in the dry lands of Zimbabwe

CARE is using tried and tested methods, as well as the new world of technology, to help people in Zimbabwe deal with drought.

Ethiopian families on the brink

The El Niño weather system has caused an extreme drought in Ethiopia. Crops have failed completely in large areas of the country.

South Sudan: Our days are long but the needs are great

Lily Rose, a nutrition worker in South Sudan, describes the help that CARE is giving to families and children suffering from food shortages.

Horn of Africa: El Nino and the impact of climate change

Women from Ethiopia and Somalia describe what the El Nino-driven drought means for them.

What climate change means for poor people: 4 stories

For women like Nana, Sumati, Carmen and Josiane, climate change is happening now: they have no choice but to adapt to a changing world.