Refugee families: A labour of love

36-year-old Sana, a refugee living in Jordan, has no choice but to work long hours in a poorly paid job so she can provide for her family.

Syrian refugees: Friendship in the face of war

Rania, Hana and Ghosoun are three friends who fled from the horror in Syria, to meet again by chance as refugees in Jordan.

Lendwithcare: The gift that keeps on giving

Lendwithcare lenders are making a real difference to the lives of people in poor communities in Vietnam.

How savings groups empower young women in Egypt

For young women, it’s not just about the money – being part of a savings group increases confidence, mobility, and opportunities to work.

Ebola: Spreading opportunities amidst crisis

This devastating disease has not only robbed people of their lives, but also of their livelihoods. CARE’s village savings groups are providing a means to fight back.

Syria: Images from inside - "What we left behind"

Four years on from the start of the crisis in Syria, it has evolved into one of the largest humanitarian crises in recent decades, destroying the homes and livelihoods of millions of Syrians.

Human Rights Day: A hand-up for Hamid

Last Friday in Beirut I met Hamid, a young Syrian from Damascus. He's been working as a waiter for almost a year, after he fled the conflict in Syria fearing for his life.

Ebola is like a secret war

The smell of boiling bananas fills the air as Musu Sesay prepares banana cakes that she hopes her teenage daughter will be able sell for some desperately needed income.