South Sudan crisis

Hoping for peace and a future for South Sudan

Hopes were high when South Sudan achieved independence – four years on, peace is essential for the people to find new hope.

South Sudan: Women are the voice of peace

Women and children in South Sudan are bearing the brunt of the ongoing conflict – and they are the ones leading the calls for peace.

Bringing peace to South Sudan: Listen to the people

“The leaders of our country can learn a lot from us. Bring them here – we can teach them how to make peace.”

No guarantees in South Sudan's deadly conflict

Almost a quarter of the population don't have enough to eat - and the numbers are rising.

"It was all burned, burned to ash": Mary’s story

Mary Mbek Anger (name changed) doesn't know exactly how old she is. With no birth certificate she can only guess. But she assumes she's around 70 give or take a few years.

South Sudan: “A story too sad to hear again”

I’ve heard stories like the one I am going to tell four times already. I’m not sure I can stand to hear it again. It’s terrible – doubly so because the tragedy could have been prevented.

South Sudan: The people continue to suffer

The head chief worries about the great suffering he sees ahead, particularly hunger.

A hole lot more than just a toilet

In an emergency, food, water and safety are usually considered the essentials for survival, but in South Sudan the humble toilet is also changing – and saving – lives.