Syria crisis

A mother in Idlib: “I tell my children stories of superheroes and safe lands”

Sara and her children fled from Ghouta, Syria, only to face more violence in Idlib.

Syria crisis: Five years in a refugee camp

Aysha and her family arrived in Azraq refugee camp five years ago. They have been there ever since.

Turkey: Helping Syrian refugees live in the community

With funding from ECHO, CARE is helping Syrian refugees to build decent lives in Turkey.

Syria crisis: “My youngest son is as old as the war”

Women in Syria are earning an income and providing for their families thanks to the Syria Resilience Consortium.

International Women’s Day: The leaders among Syrian refugee women

This International Women’s Day, CARE celebrates Syrian refugee women who have become leaders in their communities.

Syrian refugees in Turkey: How sharing information changes lives

Across south-eastern Turkey, CARE is training Syrian refugees to help other refugees settle and build lives in their new communities.

Festival brings together Syrian and Turkish youngsters

A festival in Southern Turkey is bringing together Syrian and Turkish families

World Refugee Day: Similar people, different lives

Amal has lost everything. That could have hit me or you as well. Please do not look away. Please listen to Amal’s story.