Syria crisis

Inside Syria: “The camps are people’s last resort”

CARE Syria Country Director, Jolien Veldwijk, writes about the devastating situation facing Syrians in the Northeast.

Syria: COVID-19 puts millions at risk

The spread of COVID-19 could outstrip the ability of health services in Syria to cope.

Syria: Celebrating Eid at a time of conflict and COVID

Syrians share their memories of Eids past, and their hopes and fears as they celebrate Eid al-Adha this year.

Syria crisis: We have a right to work and education

World Refugee Day: Iman Al-Sin, a Syrian refugee, reflects on refugees’ lack of rights.

Syria: “How could I raise my children in the war?”

World Refugee Day: Despite everything, things are better here than in Syria...

A mother in Idlib: “I tell my children stories of superheroes and safe lands”

Sara and her children fled from Ghouta, Syria, only to face more violence in Idlib.

Syria crisis: Five years in a refugee camp

Aysha and her family arrived in Azraq refugee camp five years ago. They have been there ever since.

Turkey: Helping Syrian refugees live in the community

With funding from ECHO, CARE is helping Syrian refugees to build decent lives in Turkey.