Syria crisis

Aleppo: A true humanitarian tragedy

The situation has never been worse in Aleppo, says Dr Abdelsalam from CARE partner Syria Relief and Development.

Syria crisis: A plea to save lives in Aleppo

Humanitarian workers in Aleppo are call for all parties involved in the conflict to stop the sacrifice of civilian lives.

Syria crisis: "They call me the latrine guy"

Many Syrians displaced from their homes have no access to water and sanitation – but CARE partners are there to help.

Diary from Syria: To live or die with dignity

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Read what refugee women said to world leaders at the Summits - will the world now take action?

Forced to flee: What it means to be a woman refugee

Women refugees tell their shocking stories of fleeing from war and persecution in search of safety.

In their own voices: Syrian women refugees speak

Two Syrian women refugees who fled to Jordan describe how war has changed everything for their families and their future.

Video: Refugee stories from the frontline

Watch video testimonies from refugee women fleeing from conflict in Syria and Afghanistan.