Syria crisis

Syria crisis: From the hell of siege to the cold of exile

Shifaa' and her extended family, Syrian refugees in Jordan, live a grim life in a cold and damp apartment.

Syrian refugees: Friendship in the face of war

Rania, Hana and Ghosoun are three friends who fled from the horror in Syria, to meet again by chance as refugees in Jordan.

The Balkans crisis: A human story

Refugees crossing to Europe are hoping for a better life – because the life they have fled from offers nothing but fear and conflict, says CARE’s Iljitsj Wemerman.

We don’t want resettlement, we want to go home

A Syrian refugee family describe the danger and chaos they fled from in Syria, and the hardship of life as a refugee in Jordan.

To the girls of the world: Discover your strength

An impassioned plea from Raneem Alhomsi, age 16, a Syrian refugee, for an end to the war that has destroyed her country and ended her childhood.

Balkans refugee crisis: Report from the frontline

CARE’s Lucy Beck reports from the Serbia-Croatia border, where CARE is providing emergency food and hygiene items to Syrian refugees.

The hopes and fears of a Syrian refugee

CARE interviews a refugee on the Serbian/Hungarian border about his journey from Syria to Europe.

Europe must rethink its response to the refugee crisis

Global leaders must take seriously the need to stop indiscriminate attacks on civilians inside Syria.