Syria crisis

Inside Syria: Winter in rural Damascus

Read this blog from our partners in Syria about distributing firewood and other supplies to help people survive the winter.

Children working: The only option for some refugee families

If refugees are not allowed to work, and are not given enough to survive on, what choice do they have but to seek alternatives?

Refugee families: A labour of love

36-year-old Sana, a refugee living in Jordan, has no choice but to work long hours in a poorly paid job so she can provide for her family.

Syrian refugees in Jordan: Living in limbo

With no end in sight to the conflict, Syrian refugees in Jordan want to be able to earn a living so they can live more normal lives.

What do refugees want from the London Conference on Syria?

We asked Syrian refugees in Jordan and Turkey what messages they have for the London Conference on Syria on 4 February.

Syria crisis: From the hell of siege to the cold of exile

Shifaa' and her extended family, Syrian refugees in Jordan, live a grim life in a cold and damp apartment.

Syrian refugees: Friendship in the face of war

Rania, Hana and Ghosoun are three friends who fled from the horror in Syria, to meet again by chance as refugees in Jordan.

The Balkans crisis: A human story

Refugees crossing to Europe are hoping for a better life – because the life they have fled from offers nothing but fear and conflict, says CARE’s Iljitsj Wemerman.