Syria crisis

Syrian refugee crisis: Suffering on the Serbia-Hungary border

Laura Gilmour reports on the desperate scenes at the Serbian/Hungarian border where CARE is distributing emergency supplies to Syrian refugees.

“It would be more dangerous to stay in Syria”

Rami, 17, a Syrian refugee, describes why he is fleeing from war in Syria and risking all to cross Europe in search of a new start in life.

Refugee crisis: “I thought the boat was my only chance”

Ali Sandeed, a Palestinian-Syrian refugee in Lebanon, describes the suffering, desperation and lack of hope that leads many to risk their lives in search of a better future.

Syrian refugees: “We are proud of who we are”

Syrian refugees want nothing more than to go home but are driven by desperation to seek safety elsewhere.

CARE responds to refugee crisis in Europe

CARE is providing humanitarian aid to refugees crossing into Serbia hoping to make their way into the European Union.

Giving young Syrian refugees the chance to play

A new sports ground run by CARE at Azraq refugee camp in Jordan offers young Syrian refugees the chance to be children again.

Child marriage: “She is 13 but we had to marry her”

CARE’s Lejla Sunagic describes how meeting a child bride opened her eyes to the reality of child marriage.

CARE information volunteers help tackle child marriage

Information Volunteers in Turkey are raising awareness about the dangers of child marriage among the Syrian refugee community.