Syria crisis

Refugees - the truth is they are just like you and me

The staggering number of Syrian refugees risks becoming meaningless, unless we focus on the faces and stories behind them.

Yemen: Fleeing one war to die in another

Syrian refugees who sought security in Yemen find themselves in danger once again - with no prospect of escape.

Syria: Images from inside - "What we left behind"

Four years on from the start of the crisis in Syria, it has evolved into one of the largest humanitarian crises in recent decades, destroying the homes and livelihoods of millions of Syrians.

Syrian refugees in Iraq struggling to survive

Thousands of Syrian refugees are struggling through the cold winter months at a camp in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, reports CARE’s emergency team.

Winter for Syrian refugees: ‘I do not want to die yet’

In the northern Jordanian city Irbid live Leila* and her grandchildren. They fled their home in Daraa Syria more than two years ago...

2014 – A dire year for Syrian refugees

CARE’s Johanna Mitscherlich looks back on 12 months of working with Syrian refugees – and pays tribute to their resilience and humanity.

Human Rights Day: A hand-up for Hamid

Last Friday in Beirut I met Hamid, a young Syrian from Damascus. He's been working as a waiter for almost a year, after he fled the conflict in Syria fearing for his life.

Syrian refugees facing loss of food vouchers

Cuts in food vouchers provided by the World Food Programme could affect up to 1.7 million Syrian refugees who rely on the vouchers as their main or only source of food.