Afghanistan Crisis

Humanitarian needs worsening due to conflict, drought and COVID-19.

Climate crisis

The world’s poorest people are hardest hit by climate change. CARE is supporting them to stand up for climate justice.

crisis watch

CARE is currently responding to more than 30 humanitarian emergencies around the world - from Bangladesh to Yemen, from the DRC to Syria, from South Sudan to Somalia.

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Your regular gift means CARE can be there to help people wherever and whenever disaster strikes.

CARE is there to help people when they need it most

We are one of the world’s leading humanitarian agencies, delivering life-saving assistance wherever and whenever disaster strikes. Read the latest updates on our crisis watch page and our emergency stories page.

Climate crisis

The world’s poorest people are least responsible for global warming. Yet they experience the biggest impacts – with the burden falling particularly hard on women and girls.

Global Food Crisis: Act Today

A global food crisis and prolonged drought means families in some of the world’s poorest countries are on the brink of starvation. We need to act today to prevent thousands of children from dying.

Afghanistan Crisis

Countless families have lost their homes and livelihoods. The country has been hit by the worst drought in 27 years. And now winter is here, more than 8 million people are facing severe hunger. 

Yemen crisis

The people of Yemen are facing the triple threat of conflict, hunger and the coronavirus pandemic – a staggering 80% of the population are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

Syria crisis

CARE has so far assisted more than 4 million people affected by the Syria crisis – but many millions of people in the region continue to be in need of humanitarian assistance.

How we work in emergencies

We respond quickly when emergencies arise, make sure help gets to those who need it most, and support people to recover and rebuild afterwards.

Recovery and rebuilding

Find out more about past emergency responses, from recent emergencies such as the Nepal earthquake, to previous disasters such as the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Supporting refugees

There have never been more refugees and displaced people in need of support than there are today. CARE is there to help them.

About CARE

Founded in 1945 to send 'CARE packages' to people recovering from war, we have been fighting poverty in the world’s poorest countries for 75 years.

CARE's impact

We work in 104 countries around the world, saving lives in emergencies and finding long-term solutions to poverty for millions of people every year.

Our aims

We empower women and girls to fulfil their potential – because when one woman is helped out of poverty, she brings her family and community with her.

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Your support is what makes our poverty-fighting work possible. You can trust us to spend our funds wisely and effectively to help people in need.