Humanitarian response in Yemen

21.6 million people in Yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance - the world's largest humanitarian crisis.

Women in Yemen

The war in Yemen is now in its eighth year and the country remains the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. According to the United Nations, 21.6 million Yemenis are currently in need of humanitarian assistance, 12.9 million of whom are children. The fallout from the conflict - such as a lack of functioning public services - creates new and spiralling crises every year.

A collapsing economy and a shortfall in funding

A record US $4.3 billion was needed for the humanitarian response in Yemen in 2023, yet just US $1.2 billion was pledged by the international community in February 2023. This shortfall in funding, alongside the country’s collapsing economy and insufficient public services, means millions of Yemenis will continue to struggle to access food, water, education, healthcare and livelihoods.

How CARE is responding

CARE is working to respond to the crisis by supporting Yemenis to strengthen their resilience and help ensure the voices of the most vulnerable are heard. CARE programmes in the country touch on numerous issue areas including food security and livelihoods, reproductive health, women’s economic justice, education and WASH.